Tirage Limité
Ball & Society International
Karl Heinrich Hoogeveen
Postfach 4024
D-40687 Erkrath

Tel.: 0049 - 0211 / 22 96 23 64
Fax: 0049 - 0211 / 22 96 23 65
Mob.: 0049 - 175 606 73 79
Mail: elite@tirage-limite.com

The Dialog marketing model TIRAGE LIMITÉ consists of three networked components:

The Magazine is published at quarterly intervals, in a high-quality format, and is sent directly and almost exclusively to subscribers listed in the
TIRAGE LIMITÉ data- base. The Magazine is given a public platform through its distribution to 5-star hotel and VIP lounges at airports, where it is put on display, as well a on board a number of airlines.

Its range of topics comprises Culture & Art – Antiques & Leisure – Wellness & Travelling – Fashion & Architecture – Properties & Assets – Luxury Articles & Lifestyle – Exclusive Services & Trends – etc.

A special feature: partial bookings are possible, to suit the media requirements of each customer.

TIRAGE LIMITÉ and Ball & Society Events
Each Year, Princess Catherine Colonna de Stigliano would like to meet readers and customers in person at two exclusive social events – one in Monaco, the other in Paris.

The TIRAGE LIMITÉ Address Database with the private addresses of european and international assets and service elites. The addresses, which are suitable for direct mailing campaigns, are continually updated.

Selections can be made by asset classes: socio-demographic characteristics – lifestyle –  regional criteria – etc., and the database can be exclusively subscribed to by our media partners and customers.

Using these addresses and events, our aim is the direct targeting of this wealthiest and most influential group who are also important opinion-formers and decision-makers. The result is a high flexible system that can be fully customized to suit your specific communication strategies.
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